Sunday, October 31, 2004

Mt Wilson Posted by Hello

Well, this was a good weekend, i spent much of the time carving pumpkins, drinking beer, and dancing with random girls. I don't have any pictures from this weeked yet so here is a picture of me on Piuma Overlook. Posted by Hello

Friday, October 29, 2004

here's a totally emo picture of me, my brother, and my old best friend, RIP. :( Posted by Hello

This is a picture of me with an axe, and a beard. Posted by Hello

Just for old times sake, here's a picture of me with blue hair, circa 2000 Posted by Hello

This is my daily commute... sometimes. I have 3 roads i can take. Posted by Hello

This here is my morning view, if it isnt foggy. Posted by Hello

Well, i have internet in the canyon now. This is where i live. It is housing through the NPS up a canyon behind a gate... it's an amazing area but not easy to get the internet wired to. Looks like i may have dsl in a few weeks though. Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 24, 2004

So, another new start?

'Even at 25, you gotta start some time.'

Or something like that.

The rains are here again, the hills are turning green. I am moving past the drama and emotion of last spring/summer into a fall that is looking much more prosperous. Everything is amazing and new. Not counting my amazing road trip, i haven't been this happy in forever.

I want this blog to be more 'posi' than my livejournal has been (and may continue to be if i keep it). This is going to be a log of how awesome this fall and winter will be. With pictures! First of all, i need to get a new digital camera...

I am going to be going to Rachel and Josh's apartment tonight to carve pumpkins. After this, i will cart my computer and new monitor to the canyon. On Friday, i should be getting a new phone line so i can get online, at least via dialup. At work, we are finishing up the Army Corps project, and watching the early rains roll in. At home, i will be talking to friends and waiting for the World of Warcraft Beta to hopefully come out. Next weekend and beyond.. who knows?

Kickball! Posted by Hello

Here is what Chicago looked like in mid August Posted by Hello

Dance it up! Posted by Hello

Is this going to go anywhere?

I suppose, this is yet to be seen. I would like to post a picture.