Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hipster Kickball Tournament Posted by Picasa

Newlyweds Lester and Trish! Posted by Picasa

Who is this pyromaniac hipster? Posted by Picasa

He came in last, and then peed on the finish line! Posted by Picasa

Ziggy gets ready for the Weiner Dog Race Posted by Picasa

biking across Davis to go to Picnic Day Posted by Picasa

It puts the lotion on its skin Posted by Picasa

Mt Diablo under a small thunderstorm Posted by Picasa

Gorman flowers Posted by Picasa

I have been handcuffed by Homer! Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 17, 2006

The large pot has Yerba Mansa and will soon have a willow cutting and maybe a mule fat cutting. There's also an onion and the small pot has a buckwheat which i think is dying :(. It probably got too much water with all this rain. To the far left is a melting pumpkin Posted by Picasa

Succulents, Mormon Tea, Tomato Posted by Picasa

My cottonwood wouldn't drop its leaves until March.. and it hasnt gotten new ones yet Posted by Picasa

It's Pasadena! You can see how many trees this city has... my place of residence is on the left edge of the picture somewhere Posted by Picasa

cute but blurry liverworts Posted by Picasa

I thought this waterfall was kind of creepy. Posted by Picasa

Green waves of noxious weeds Posted by Picasa

Goldfields in Drinkwater Flat Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

An aerial view from Terraserver... the open area near the bottom is the depression. Looks like my photo only took in the far west end, with those large trees Posted by Picasa

A closeup... it appears to be surrounded by young Coulter Pine, ceanothus, and scrub and live oak. I am not sure what the shrubs in the center are - perhaps buckwheat. I really want to get up to this area but it is almost impossibly remote and inaccessable. Posted by Picasa

This is the 'Mystery Pit', a strange depression in the San Gabriel Wilderness Area. I was hoping to see a vernal pool, but instead see mysterious dead vegetation. Most of the hills lower down are green, perhaps it has been too cold for plants in the Mystery Pit. I didn't see any water but i was a few miles away Posted by Picasa

coming soon to a theatre near you Posted by Picasa

Mt Baldy and the Twin Peaks area Posted by Picasa

Mt Baldy from Mooney Peak. Posted by Picasa

San Gabriel River Dudleya, a rare plant Posted by Picasa