Monday, March 27, 2006

Even The Valley was beautiful Posted by Picasa

who let some hipster wanna-be into the Whitney Portal? Posted by Picasa

If it looks familiar.. its because it is always on TV Posted by Picasa

Soon after, he was doing push-ups on a random rock Posted by Picasa

Eli found the Ephedra and started chewing on it... Posted by Picasa

Best recording studio part II - singing 'Plants: You Got Served"  Posted by Picasa

Eli loves Mt Whitney. Posted by Picasa

Look! It's Mount Whitney! (i hate Mt Whitney) Posted by Picasa

Sometimes it is so pretty it doesnt even seem real. Posted by Picasa

the Artesian Well.. a constant stream of 80 degree water... great for summer evenings, not great when it is 42 degrees out. Posted by Picasa

I miss Bishop sometimes.. such an amazing place. It's right at the head of the Owens Valley in Inyo county. Posted by Picasa

the Sierras were getting slammed by a blizzard Posted by Picasa

Deep Springs Valley - more like a hole in the ground. Posted by Picasa

I feel sorry for these cows! Posted by Picasa

DANG WASHOUT! Posted by Picasa

my poor paint job! Posted by Picasa

the dust storm chased us out of Death Valley Posted by Picasa

some kind of Phacelia Posted by Picasa

canyon narrows Posted by Picasa

We drove until we found water. Posted by Picasa

Driving around in this wash seemed too fun to be legal.. but it was! Posted by Picasa

I don't even know what this is.. but it was really pretty and had two-tone flowers.. perhaps something in the Onagraceae Posted by Picasa

It appears to be the Funeral Mountain Sage, but if so, it's in the wrong mountain range. Posted by Picasa

A tiny desert poppy Posted by Picasa

I don't know what this is, but it has neat pods. Posted by Picasa