Thursday, May 24, 2007

Matrimony Spring

This is a spring coming out of the bedrock near the road. You can drink out of it without getting guiardia. It's good water.

Monday, May 21, 2007

A few Moab trip pictures

Sorry about the long delay in updating the blog.

Earlier this month, me and Sara drove to Moab, Utah, where we saw my friend Eli, Sara's friend Pete, and various other old and new friends. Here are a few pictures... I have more I may post later.

This is a crazy dust storm in the Antelope Valley. It was very windy, but the ground was also disturbed by poor land management, making the dust storm worse. It messed with the joints in my car door, which still seems to be damaged. It was also very disturbing to drive through, because visibility was near zero at times.

Sara drove for a lot of the trip. She did a good job.

This is tamarisk, a bad, bad plant that is infesting Utah and other areas.

The high passes of Utah were covered in snow when we drove over. Through the first portion of the trip, there was quite a bit of rain and snow.. which was nice to see in contrast with the unpleasant drought in California.

Rain and melting snow filled up some washes in the area. Water coming out of the mountains was red from all of the red rocks, sand, and dirt it passed through.

I miss the rain, and running water. Drought is no fun.