Sunday, August 28, 2005

I doubt anyone who reads this lives on the Gulf Coast, but if you do... i wish you luck. This thing is one of the largest hurricanes on record and it is heading straight for New Orleans at the moment. Hopefully it will weaken a bit.. but even if it does, it will still be an incredibly strong storm. Sadly, there are lots of poor people in that city who can't even leave... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 27, 2005

so the other day i went on an eye- lazer shooting rampage in Malibu... Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 22, 2005

driving home there were many happy cows in the unusually-green high desert grassland. This picture and the ones below it were all taken by Julie from her camera... mine from my camera will be posted later. Posted by Picasa

Prescott Posted by Picasa

our last campsite.. a free 'dispersed' campsite outside of Prescott... (basically a large turnout where we pulled off a dirt road to camp) Posted by Picasa

the bark of an 'alligator juniper' Posted by Picasa

cacti and a thunderstorm Posted by Picasa

hug a cactus! Posted by Picasa

if you look closely you can see water pouring down from the top of the bridge onto the rocks below. Posted by Picasa

the edge of the bridge/cave was filled with stalagtite type deposits Posted by Picasa

Tonto Bridge.. a crazy 'natural bridge' that this creek goes through Posted by Picasa

i guess the hicks hate cattle guards? Posted by Picasa

old cliff dwellings Posted by Picasa

Montezuma Well - a weird sinkhole Posted by Picasa

'hi!' Posted by Picasa

the area around Sedona. The town itself was kinda yuppy-crappy... but the surroundings were pretty amazing Posted by Picasa

ooh pretty! (Julie being 'arty') Posted by Picasa

more rain over the San Francisco Peaks Posted by Picasa

a summer downpour somewhere over the Painted Desert Posted by Picasa

look! a volcano! Posted by Picasa

yikes! Posted by Picasa

this is a crater we climbed to the top of and looked down into. We started hearing thunder so we left... trees all around us had lightning scars Posted by Picasa

a lava flow... Posted by Picasa

this is the Sunset Crater, a volcano which erupted 1000 years or so ago.  Posted by Picasa

We checked out some 4*4 roads in this area north of Flagstaff... it was very pretty up there. This was after trying to hike in the canyon we were staying in and realizing the damn forest service wanted to charge us a bunch of money to do anything. The thing about the forest service is some sites are awesome and free but other sites have ridiculous fees.. it is weird. Posted by Picasa