Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sara in Ireland

The following pictures are pictures Sara took in Ireland. I hopefully will set this blog up so that she can post other pictures on here. She will be in Ireland for another week, and then moving on to France. Posted by Picasa
Sara with her sister Ruth and Ruth's two kids Posted by Picasa
Irish cottage Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
Are cute, rosy cheeks hereditary? Posted by Picasa
Catherine (cute!) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ventura Mini-Miracle Storm

Despite predictions of a wet winter, December and most January were very dry. In fact, LA was about 5 inches below average rainfall for the rainy season. As of last week, no rain was in the forecast except the slightest chance of drizzle this weekend.

Well, something happened. A cutoff low off the coast sucked in a bunch of moisture, and then the storm just stopped. It stopped over Ventura, and rained all day. It's been raining most of the night too. We've had well over an inch, and that little blob of rain just isnt moving.

It's been a slow, steady rain, just the kind to take the edge off of a drought . It looks like the storm may stick around for a few days, too. After that... well the long range forecasts were wrong about this, so they probably will be wrong about next week also.

 Posted by Picasa
Wet pier Posted by Picasa
Ventura pier Posted by Picasa
Erosion Posted by Picasa
clouds up against the low hills behind Ventura Posted by Picasa
Rainwater flowing into the ocean.. mostly urban runoff but still pretty. Posted by Picasa
Anacrappa island Posted by Picasa
A break in the storm, from the freeway beach bridge Posted by Picasa

My dinner last night

much less complicated than what i made earlier Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictures from Julie's camera

All of the pictures I posted today are from Julie's camera. Consequentially, there are a lot of pictures of me here... because it's easier for her to photograph me than for me to photograph myself.

The 'Safe House', a spy bar!

This looks like a band cd cover type picture. Posted by Picasa

More pictures of Chicago

 Posted by Picasa

My fascination with ice

These pictures document my fascination with the ice and snow around lakes in Wisconsin. I was impressed to find ice forming everywhere, then came home to Ventura and found just as much ice here. Posted by Picasa

more pictures of the grotto

Neat tree in the grotto.

Fallen oak

More of the grotto.

I found Ice Posted by Picasa
Me drinking a really tiny beer Posted by Picasa
Visiting the Tyme machine Posted by Picasa