Saturday, August 15, 2009

Around [New England], Part II

Last weekend I drove to Maine, as was mentioned in the earlier post, to visit my friends Alina and Kariann. I saw some neat stuff along the way.

Montpelier, the smallest capitol city in the nation.

House of Tang?

Another river. We went kayaking down a river, which was lots of fun, but it wasn't this river. There are about a million rivers out here.

Brake for moose! (I didn't see any)

Back in Burlington, watching a storm come across Lake Champlain.

Summer can be pretty wet here. However, August has apparently been much less wet than July with just a few scattered thunderstorms. The last few days been hot and rain-free (but a bit muggy).

I'll be traveling for much of next week for a school field trip. I may or may not have internet access but either way I will post about it when I can.

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