Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lily Sketches

IMG_6582.JPG, originally uploaded by inyopfc.

I've been sketching more plants lately. See the flickr page for more.


Blackbird's Daughter said...

wow, that's a really great indian cucumber drawing! I like your scientific sketches as well as your scenic ones.
I have some plants I want your help identifying at some point - I posted a couple, (I'm not sure what the berries are), and took some more photos today when I was by the ocean in Maine. I'm trying to figure out the differences w/ asters and other look alikes - fun!
what are you up to these days?

Charlie said...

I'm learning lots of plants, and other stuff, I was insanely busy this weekend but it's calmed down a bit, now i am just 'very busy'.

skyrocket said...

So that cool plant is call Blue Bead Lily. nice. You're learning most of the plants we have in N. Georgia too- AWESOME!