Saturday, December 19, 2009

Single Digits in Vermont

So, what IS it like when it's 7 degrees (F) out? I found out this week... and it is quite interesting, though very cold.

It looks like it says 73 degrees, but it isn't the case.

It's like being on another planet, where you have to wear a space suit to go outside. Of course, I wear more cold weather gear than others since I am used to warm California still.

Lake Champlain takes a long time to freeze. Meanwhile the temperature of the water is near 39 degrees even though the air temperature is 7. The lake looks like it is steaming in the morning when it isnt windy.

Even though the lake hasn't frozen, any water that splashes on rocks, plants or anything else near the lake freezes solid.

As I walked away from the lake I noticed numerous tiny ice crystals in the air. It was quite odd but is probably the sort of thing that always happens when it is 7 degrees F.

As it turns out I found cheap plane tickets to California so I'll be spending the next week and a half back in warm weather. It will be a weird contrast! However, they've had some rain so it should be green and pretty.

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