Sunday, June 06, 2010

Storms in the City

So, there are often thunderstorms in Pittsburgh in the early summer, and this year has apparently had even more than usual. There has been heavy rain and lightning several times since I got here. The storms aren't as impressive to see moving in as those in the desert or even in Vermont, because the sky is hazy and there are lots of trees and buildings everywhere. However, they are LOUD and the lightning is very impressive.

One storm moves away...

and another moves in. This one lasted several hours and had a ton of lightning and rain.

The storms cause lots of erosion which is a problem in the parks.

Crappy pictures of sheet lightning from my room. There were lots of crazy bolts too but not when I was able to take videos.

It looks like for the next day or two there won't be many storms, but they will be back next week, and probably periodically for the whole time I am here. This is a wet place, depending on who you ask, somewhere between 38 and 45 inches of precipitation falls here each year and the wettest months are May and June (though all months are pretty wet).

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