Monday, September 19, 2011

A Bunch of Art

Here's a collection of a bunch of art I've made over the years (mostly the last 2 years). Most are sketches, a few of which I've colored using computer programs. There are a few paintings too.

Most of these have been posted on one of my blogs before, but this post here so I can have a bunch of my favorites are in the same place. Some are photographed with my phone because I don't have a scanner right now, so please excuse the poor photo quality. Click on the pictures to see a larger version and click here to see all of the stuff I have online.

They are mostly posted in reverse chronological order. I think the new ones are much better than the old ones, which is a good sign that I'm getting better at this.

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Summer 2011, Vermont

Sketches from the river, before Irene threw things around and then the city came and threw more things around.

A house in Connecticut.

A little house. I've been drawing lots of structures lately, last year I mostly drew plants.

A building at Jack's Mill... an old mill near our home that a friend owns. He's lived in this town for 72 years and I believe his grandparents also ran this mill.

Watershed art... I've made a bunch of these.

Hemlocks in Centennial Woods

Winter 2011, Various Locations

Panther Hollow
Panther Hollow Lake, at Schenley Park in Pittsburgh. This is where my graduate project took place, and this picture (colored using GIMP) was on the cover of the outreach plan I made.



(the last two were from photos, drawn in a cold cabin in Canada in midwinter).

Looking outside while in a talk at UVM, while snow came down just after sunset.

more watershed art.

Sterling Pond (drawn from a photo I took... since it doesn't look like this in winter).

Attempt at a cormorant. I'm not too good at drawing animals, but could probably get better with more effort (this is one of the better ones, I'm not posting the bad ones).

Summer 2010 (Pittsburgh)

(all of the colored ones here were colored on the computer).

Wilty Squash

Exposed roots, erosion area.

More watershed art, playing with photoshop/gimp filters.

Sad pallid touch-me-not.

Rest stop, somewhere in New York State.

Geology, Fall 2010, Vermont
Sketches from a field geology class. Colored on computer.

"Event Map" of geology in Burlington, Vermont area.

Slate quarry edge

Metamorphic boulder in Smuggler's Notch

Montpelier Roadcut.


2009-2010 Plant Sketches
These are mostly from a botany class. They are quick sketches done in a few minutes in the field... I have dozens of these. I've actually gone back and re-shaded/improved some of these, but these are from before I did that.

Fagus grandifolia

Centennial Pines

Pinus resinosa

Quercus alba

Sagittaria latifolia

Old Paintings

From about 3-4 years ago. I haven't done much painting lately.



(must have been upset about something)


Really Old MS Paint Art

I used to like to draw on MS Paint... some of these are quite old.

No Fireworks
Created for a friend in 2004.

405 North
Wow, I've gotten a lot better at drawing buildings since this time.

From a christmas card I made..

Seattle Songs
Mixtape cover... so emo!

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