Monday, April 27, 2009

April Trip to Davis: Bob's Bachelor Party

So this last weekend I drove up to Davis to attend my friend Bob's bachelor party.

Nope, no scandalous pictures here. I did win 100 dollars at Cache Creek, but I did not photograph that event.

I did take some pictures on the drive up and back down.

There were still some wildflowers blooming, mostly in southern California.

Monkeyflower near Newhall Pass.

A few poppies around the Grapevine.

Further north, the drought conditions become much more evident. It is only April, but the grass is very dry in central California. Things actually look significantly drier than they do in Malibu.

There were a few dead orchards, probably due to water being turned off or becoming too expensive.

There is still some water in Orestimba Creek but it won't last.

My friends Julie and Rene have planted native/drought resistant landscaping at their new house, and I gave them some plants a while back.

Those plants are still small but the poppies are blooming!

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