Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring in California

It's been a short spring in Malibu this year, due to the relative lack of rainfall, but rains in February still brought out a lot of native flowers. In fact, as is the case with many drier than average years, the proportion of native to non-native herbaceous plans was actually higher than in a wet year. However, with the last two 'storms' being a bust, we are pretty much out of time to get more rain, and it's entirely possible that the next rain I see will be while driving to Vermont.

The following eight pictures are from Rocky Oaks near where I live:

Leptodactylon californicum flowers

dried out Salvia mellifera

new Ceanothus crassifolius pods

new Malosma laurina leaves

Solanum xantii flowers

Weird mushroom

Humping hawks

Post-humping hawks

There were lots of neat mushrooms this year but unfortunately, now that the rain stopped, we probably won't see many more.

Chanterelles found under an oak tree, somewhere in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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