Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things Start to Dry Out

Other than a quick-passing little downpour early last week, it has not rained significantly in the Santa Monica Mountains since February. It looks like the rainy season is winding down. Rainfall totals vary by location, but most areas will end up with somewhat below average precipitation. Some parts of the Santa Monicas may be as low as 50% of average, while other isolated areas, such as the Liebre Mountain area east of the Grapevine, may actually end up above average. As a whole, the rains, which mostly came in February, were sufficient to allow a lot of wildflowers to bloom, but were not abundant enough to fuel a large growth of weeds. So, the native herbaceous wildflowers have benefitted from this year's rainfall pattern, even though our water supply did not benefit.

I was up in Mammoth last weekend snowboarding with friends. There is actually quite a bit of snow there, though again, the snowpack is somewhat below average. I also went cross-country skiing, something I plan to do more of when I get to Vermont.

Next weekend shouldn't be too eventful, but I've been busy lately so that is not a bad thing. I hope to pick up a netbook computer, and hopefully after that I can start uploading pictures to this blog again.

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