Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 1: Torrance, CA to Benson, AZ

Note: I am having problems with Flickr so some of the photos are linked from Facebook and may not work.

In any event, the drive out of California was uneventful.

Once we passed between Mt. San Jaciento and Mt. San Gorgonio, we had left Southern California behind. I probably won't be seening it again for at least 5 or 6 months.

Here's Mount San Jaciento with some corporate stuff in front of it.

The first part of the drive across Arizona was uneventful, as well. There was lots of cactus and there were abundant dust devils, as usual. The desert seemed fairly green due to the generous amounts of early monsoon moisture this area has received.

After a while we saw thunderheads building in the distance. (The weather forecast called for a shutdown in the monsoonal flow today, with thunderstorms very unlikely.)

Thunderstorms are hard to predict...

Hmm... looks like it might rain...

A rainbow!

I was disappointed that there were no thunderstorms forecast, because the Arizona monsoon was supposed to be one of the highlights of the drive to Atlanta. But the desert does what it wasnts, and while rain is rare, it is also very unpredictable... as is lightning.

(it isn't really hitting the sign)

Note that these pictures are screen captures from videos, which accounts for the low resolution.

As is usually the case in the desert, the storm was short-lived. After some rain and even more lightning, the storm moved to the northwest, leaving behind sweet-smelling mesquite and a beautiful sunset (not pictured)

Tomorrow we hope to check out a cave (cameras not allowed, unfortunately), then meander towards El Paso or somewhere in that vicinity. No thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow, either, so we'll see!

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