Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seguin, TX to Galveston, TX

Today we drove across rural eastern Texas. It is actually quite pretty, though also very drought-stricken.

Small town in Texas, not sure which one.

Dead corn... there was a lot of dead corn everywhere, apparently due to the severe drought in this part of Texas... it is actually on the news right now.

Houses on the barrier islands south of Galveston. Despite being on stilts, a lot of the houses even south of Galveston were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Ike. Apparently the area to the north of Galveston was completely devestated by Ike last year.

In some parts of Texas you can just drive right down to the beach. Also the water is almost bathtub-warm and the air is so humid that the camera fogged up when I took it out of the car, thus the 'misty' look to this photo.

More hurricane damage... this pier was almost completely destroyed. There is also a hotel with a missing, burned out third floor and another one with an enormous chunk missing from it (not photographed).

The water seems really warm right now but hopefully the developing El Nino conditions will prevent any hurricanes hitting the Gulf Coast this year - El Nino often decreases the strength and frequency of storms in this area.

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