Sunday, July 12, 2009

Las Cruces, NM to Carlsbad, NM

There are some beautiful, high mountains in southeastern New Mexico, north of the Guadelupes, on Apache land. I don't actually know what they are called...

The dry plains around Roswell, NM are really boring and flat... why on earth would aliens (or even weather balloons) choose here to land?

Just a bunch of sick yuccas.

The Pecos River flows through Carlsbad... well mostly it doesn't flow at all because it sits behind this little dam.

Carlsbad caverns is beautiful and amazing but impossible to photograph so I don't have many photos. Go check it out yourself! (but be warned the hotels nearby kinda suck... and not sure if there is a campground)

That last one is the companion to a big rock formation we found in Arches a few years back.

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Alicia Langton said...

Hey Charlie! I look a lookie at your road trip photos- pretty shindiggie! I also have a bloggy. I hope the rest of it is kickin'. Vermont's gonna be sweet this fall.