Monday, July 06, 2009

Leaving California, Part II

So I'm sitting in my home of the last four months, a house owned by the Park Service known as the 'Brown House'.  (Apparently it is a reference to someone's name because it is not brown).  Almost all of my belongings are at my parents' house in Torrance, and my room here (at least the half of it I use) is pretty much empty and sterile.  I just mopped the kitchen and bathroom.  In about an hour I will be leaving here, and will be back to being nomadic for the first time since 2005.

Packing is such a weird, cathartic process.  This time it is hard because I can only bring one truckload of belongings with me.  The rest goes into a storage unit my parents have, or gets thrown away.  I don't really want to bury my parents in junk, and I don't know when if ever I will live in this area again, so I am getting rid of anything I can.  I've already given away a ton of my belongings, which feels a lot better than throwing it away or dumping it at a thrift store (which while a good deed just doesn't feel as good as giving stuff away).

It looks like we'll be leaving LA on Friday, which will put us in the desert for what may be the hottest few days of the year.  I was hoping for some desert thunderstorms, but they are unpredictable and tend to hang over the mountains, away from the roads.  In the least, there will be storms when I get to the Southeast.

I'm about to pack up my computer, so from here on out I may only be using my little laptop for a while.

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