Friday, July 31, 2009

Shenadoah National Park

This weekend we visited Shenadoah National Park in Virginia. Here's a few pictures.

This is American Chestnut. It used to be a dominant species throughout the eastern mountain areas but because of an introduced disease it now only exists as a few little bushes resprouting from old trunks.

Lichen-covered rocks on Black Mountain.

This area is called Big Meadows. It is believed to have been a meadow for at least the last 1000 years, probably longer. It is either caused by weird soil or by some sort of management technique the Native Americans used.

A large area of grass wouldn't be unusual in the West but in the Appalachians, every single square foot that can support a tree seems to have one. It was surprising to see such a large open area.

nice view!

Bizarro-Torrance (in Pennsylvania)

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